Resource Material

May 2018 – Submission made to MoEF on Draft CRZ 2018

முழுமமையற்ற, ஒத்துப்கபெலாகலாத “தசிருத்தப்பெடடட கடடற்கமர மைண்டடல கமைலலாண்மமை தசிடடட நகமல“ 19 பெசிப்ரவலாசி 2018 அன்று தமைசிழக அரசு பெதசிகவற்றச் பசய்தது குறசித்து- பதன்மைண்டடல பெசுமமைத் தஜீரப்பெலாயத்தசின் OA 86/2014 மைற்றுச் 141/2014 தஜீரப்பு அவமைதசிப்பு

February 2018 – Submission made to Government of Tamilnadu and Government of India raising objections against “Draft Revised Coastal Zone Management Plan” uploaded for Public Comments 

November 2017 – Coastal Zones of India – Report by Space Application Centre (ISRO) on Sea Level Rise

May 2017 – Unfit to Breathe II – Air Quality Levels and Pollution in Chennai City

Tidal Error – How NCSCM got Tamil Nadu’s High Tide Line Wrong.

Independent Fact Finding Report on Police Violence in Nadukuppam Village, Marina

மெரினா கடற்கரை நடுக்குப்பத்தில் 23-ஆம் தேதி நடந்ததாக குற்றம் சாட்ட படும் காவல்துறை அத்துமீறல்களை விசாரித்த உண்மை அறியும் குழுவின் அறிக்கை

JANUARY 2017 – Report of Fact Finding Mission to Enquire into Alleged Police Excesses on 23rd January 2016 in Nadukuppam Village, Marina

DPR- Shoreline management plan for Kovalam Coast

Rapid Techno- Feasibility Report for the Development of the Colachel Port

Rapid Techno-Feasibility Report for the Development of the Colachel Port – Volume 2

Death by a Thousand Cuts : Report of Public Hearing on Loss of Ecology and Fisher Livelihood in Ennore Creek

Unfit to Breathe – A report on Air Quality Around Thermal Power Plants in Ennore

Chennai today;Cheyyur Tomorrow

Road Rolling Laws – The CRZ Violations of CoC and Coastal Suburban Panchayats

WWF Living Blue Planet Report 2015

CRZ Amendment – July 2015

CRZ Clearance Obtained for the improvement Marina Loop Road

Detailed Project Report of the Improvement of Marina Loop Road

Details of Marina Loop Road – Extract from the DPR

The Case of CRZ Violations by the Corporation of Chennai 

TANGEDCO Final Draft EIA Report on North Chennai Thermal Power Plant Stage 3

Comprehensive marine report of NCTPS

Executive Summary NCTPS III – English

Chennai CMDA – Geo Referenced  Map 


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