Media Reports

Ennore fishermen protest destruction of mangroves – The Hindu, 31 December 2015

Locals on warpath and port dumps sand on the sly – The New Indian Express, December 31, 2015

Activists Prevail, Reclamation Along Ennore Creek Stopped – The New Indian Express, 01st December 2015

Activists Gear up to Save Ennore Creek – The New Indian Express, 28th November 2015

After opposing it in NGT, MoEF grants wildlife clearance for NH7 widening – DNA , 19th August 2015

Beach roads to see development under self-sufficiency scheme – The Hindu, 18th August 2015

Fishermen struggling to meet boat colour code deadline – The Hindu, 9th July 2015

Tamil Nadu fishermen selected for Coast Guard award – The Times of India, 5th July 2015

Activists stop construction on Tiruvanmiyur beach sands – The Times of India, 2nd July 2015

Rameswaram fishermen launch indefinite strike – The Times of India, 1st July 2015

With amended regulations, Chennai’s coast to get highrises – The Times of India, June 25 2015

Fishermen Stop NGT Inspection – The Hindu, 29th March 2015

Dispute over Marina Loop Road Continues – The Hindu, 27th March 2015

NGT Orders Inspection of Marina Loop Road – The Hindu, 26th March 2015

Coastal Zone Management Authority to Examine Marina Loop Road – The New Indian Express, 25th March 2015

Marina Loop Road widening Stayed – The Hindu, 21st March 2015

Marina Fisherfolk Block Road to Protest Eviction– The New Indian Express, 14th March 2015

Protest against eviction for Marina Loop Road project – The Hindu, 14th March 2015

Fishermen deny having used purse seine method – The Hindu, March 9th 2015

Locals Oppose Removal of Encroachments – The Hindu, March 8th 2015

Illegal coastal Roads, layouts under scanner – The Hindu, December 7th 2014

Chennai Corporation to Scrap Projects on Beach Sands – The Hindu, November 28th 2014

கடற்கரையை ஆக்கிரமித்துள்ளது மாநகராட்சி – Thinamani, November 27th 2014

Chennai beached by garbage, debris – The Times of India, November 27th 2014

Rules violated in the coastal belt – The Deccan Chronicle, November 27th 2014

Corporation, the biggest violator – The New Indian Express, November 27th 2014

Debris on the beach sparks protests – The Hindu, December 25th 2014

Corpn puts up chairs on Neelankarai beach, draws activists’ fire – The Times of India, 19th November 2014

Fishermen to Press For Their Rights –  The Hindu, 27th October 2014

Fishermen to Develop Own Map on Land Use – The New Indian Express, 26th October 2014

Mapping of Sea Turtle Nesting Sites to begin in Ramanathapuram – The Hindu,  13th October 2014

Fishermen say Chennai Corporation’s beach beautification project will affect their livelihoods – Times Of India, 17th September 2014


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