Erosion Accelerates upto 100 meteres to the North of Illegal Groynes at Kovalam

In April 2016, we reported that the TN Government is building structures that will destroy the Kovalam Beach  which will in turn put beaches towards the north of Kovalam at a high risk of erosion. These groynes were laid without any environmental impact assessment or prior clearances from any statutory bodies. Roads have been laid on ecologically fragile parts of the beach, with no regard to what regulatory laws stipulate.

The authorities have been watching this illegality, inspite of repeated representations about the dangers of building hard structures, the work has continued. Today, more than 100 m of pristine beach land has been lost to the sea. Yet, there seems to be no movement within the regulatory bodies to stop this madness. It has come to our knowledge that the  National Green Tribunal has ordered for the removal of the groynes, but as of 19th October 2016, no work has begun on the removal of the groynes. However, the question of who is responsible for the ongoing erosion and what measures will be taken for reversing the erosion still remains open.

June 2016: Beach north of the groyne field in Kovalam
Before - August 2016
August 2016 – Effects of Erosion is visible
September 2016 – Accelerated erosion engulfs over 100 m of beach

It is clearly visible that the sea has reached the first row of coconut trees within a plantation in the area. Google Earth Imagery shows more than 100 metres of beach that does not exist in real life anymore.



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